Dom Galo

Brilliant.  Brilliant.  Brilliant.

Dom Galo Macau

Sometimes that’s all you have to say about a restaurant when the food is this amazing.

Dom Galo Macau interior

Brilliant.  Brilliant.  Brilliant.

Dom Galo Macau colorful walls

Dom Galo is a newer Portuguese dining establishment so it doesn’t have the legacy of a Solmar or a Fat Siu Lau, but it doesn’t need it.  The food at this fun neighbourhood restaurant is not only cheaper, it’s better, and I can’t wait to try it again.

Dining solo, I went with Oxtail Soup ($25), Octopus Salad ($45), Pork Chops ($56) and Lamb Leg ($129), and loved every dish I had.

Dom Galo Macau oxtail soup
Oxtail Soup
Dom Galo Macau octopus salad
Octopus Salad
Dom Galo Macau pork chops
Pork Chops
Dom Galo Macau lamb

Dessert was amazing and dirt cheap too, with chocolate mousse only $25 and vanilla ice cream $20.

Dom Galo’s menu is absolutely huge, so if you can’t find something to order there it must be because you don’t like eating.  A lot of seafood and meat dominate the selection, and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of it.  The food is spectacular, prices are phenomenal, and the service is excellent.

The restaurant decor is a trip too.  With big bright paintings and pastel coloured walls, it’s like dining somewhere in Barcelona.

Dom Galo Macau table and chair


Dom Galo is gold, that’s all you can say about it.  There’s no better feeling than giving a restaurant 5 stars, returning there a second time and then agreeing with yourself all over again.

I mean, is the Maven good, or is he good?

That’s what I thought!

Since I mostly tried meat dishes in my first visit, I elected to go exclusively seafood the second time around.  Visiting with the lovely Layla Huang, we ordered Codfish Cakes ($60), Octopus Salad ($55), Garlic Prawns ($120 per piece), Solefish Fillet ($130), and Grilled Bream ($135).

If Dom Galo were a person, he’d be a made man in the Italian Mafia, because the restaurant is totally untouchable.   The grilled bream and codfish cakes were both amazing and surely as good as anywhere in town.

Dom Galo Macau codfish cakes
Codfish Cakes
Dom Galo Macau grilled bream
Grilled Bream

Fans of Macau Sole will surely enjoy Don’s Galo’s splendid tender serving, while the prawns were absolutely monstrous and dressed in a perfect garlic sauce.

Dom Galo Macau Sole
Macau Sole
Dom Galo Macau garlic prawns
Garlic Prawns

It was one of those meals where every dish rocked the table and nothing went wrong.  When you factor in the great price, warm service and fun Mediterranean vibes, it’s almost unfair to be one of Dom Galo’s competitors.    

Dom Galo Macau table mat

Even the table mats are totally first class!  Bring 3 or 4 of those home with you!

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