Dragon Mama

Dragon Mama is a personal favourite of mine, a perennial go to in the winter of 2011, when I lived in the San Va for a month straight, churning out the first wave of the casino reviews.  Prices got me in the door at the start and have kept me coming back ever since.  With many good options under $40, it’s fantastic value for being located on the Street of Happiness.

Dragon Mama Macau

Dragon Mama Macau counter

Serving local Cantonese food, the main things on the menu are seafood ($38 to $88), stir fried noodles ($45 to $120) and rice served with meat, vegetables, or seafood ($34 to $88).  Less expensive selections like soup, dumplings and chicken wings are available for $22 to $38.

Dragon Mama Macau Chicken Soft Bone Dumplings
Chicken Soft Bone Dumplings

I usually go with some simple rice dish for $35 and leave a happy man, but decided to spend a bit more money for this review, ordering Chicken Soft Bone Dumplings ($38), Mushroom Noodles ($45), and Seafood Rice ($88).

Dragon Mama Macau Mushroom Noodles
Mushroom Noodles

True to form, nothing I had knocked me out, but at those prices it didn’t have to.  It’s just simple straightforward Cantonese food that tastes good, and I’ve never had a bad meal there.

Dragon Mama Macau Seafood Rice
Seafood Rice

As an added bonus, the menu is in English too so you won’t have to worry about communication problems.

Dragon Mama Macau outside

In terms of budget restaurants, Dragon Mama is definitely worth trying out, and it’s especially viable for visitors, given its location on the very picturesque and tourist heavy Street of Happiness.

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