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This is the second installment in my “Elaine Series”, which reviews 9 Taipa restaurants recommended by born and bred local resident, Elaine. A certified foodie in her early 20’s, she has the Taipa dining scene cased, and it’s my hope that we uncover a few hidden gems together here, that only Macau people know about. Next up? Roasted meat in residential Taipa.

We’ve covered quite a bit of restaurants that specialize in roasted meats on this site, with standouts that include Chan Kong Kei and Niu Ji 2 on the old peninsula, as well as Chan Chi Mei in Coloane Village.

Duckling Gourmet restaurant outside

Duckling is here representing Taipa and it’s probably not worth seeking out, given its tourist unfriendly location in a heavy residential area. Perhaps if all their roasted meats were rocking, then I’d recommend tracking it down, but it doesn’t appear that many of them are.

While their duck thigh (鸭髀) is top shelf and simply irresistible, I never had it on its own. The first time was with barbecue pork (鸭髀双拼饭叉烧, $68), a combo that went nowhere fast, after the barbecue pork nosedived hard.  Looking pretty unappealing in the pic, it was just a few measly cuts of improperly prepped meat that tasted more than a day old.

Duckling Duck Thigh with Barbecue Pork rice
Duck Thigh with Barbecue Pork Rice

Afterwards I was still hungry and loved the duck so much that I decided to have it again, just on its own, with rice.

Duck Rice at Duckling Restaurant
Duck Rice

However, I mistakenly ordered the regular duck (烧鸭饭 $40), instead of the duck thigh, and it blew as much as the barbecue pork. When roasted meats are on, they marry moisture, fat, taste and texture in ways seldom achieved in other dishes, but Duckling’s duck (yes, the food the restaurant is named after) just tasted dead, like carbonated soda that’s gone flat.  For a restaurant renowned for its roasted meats, such missteps really can’t be happening, especially with the house specialties.

After hearing all of my negative feedback, Elaine advised me try the duck thigh and roast pork (鸭髀双拼饭烧肉 $68) next time, which proved to be awesome advice.

Duckling duck thigh and roasted pork rice
Duck Thigh and Roasted Pork Rice

A sublime and superb pairing, I’m pretty sure that’s the best thing they serve, a combo worthy of five stars all around.

Duckling interior

Both times I visited Duckling it was doing a good business, mostly full of elder locals, who clearly dug what they were getting.  Contrast that to younger people at my work who said they used to go there in the mid 2000’s with their mothers, but haven’t been back since.

Duckling restaurant patrons and interior

I’m not as harsh on Duckling as them, and would gladly return again if already in Taipa craving some delicious Duck Thigh and Roasted Pork.  Keep in mind you can order them on their own, together, with or without rice, depending on how much you want to eat.  Duckling also does an array of other Cantonese dishes that I have yet to try, and never will.  It’s best to stick with what we know is good there, other than dubious unknowns that are likely to fail.

Other Elaine Series Restaurants

-Loja de Sopa Fitas (叠记咖喱面食): 0 stars. No English menu = no use to us, plus noodles were nothing special.
-Kam Lei (金利食店): 1 star.  Maybe better than Loja de Sopa Fitas, maybe not. English menus, but more ordinary noodles.
Xiao Sheng Xuan Japanese Ramen: 2.5 stars
Rest Yangon: 3.5 stars
Hei Lin Cafe: 4 stars
-Sei Kee Cafe (世記咖啡) ***Coming soon
-Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen ***Coming soon
-Chiang Rai ***Coming soon

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