(Last updated: July 9, 2024)

Even the Mirandesa Steak is said to have slipped a great deal.  For that reason, I’ve demoted Fado down to 3 stars.  Tread very lightly with this one, it appears their best days are done.

Fado is very well regarded around town, but I’m not as high on the restaurant as others seem to be.  Portion sizes are decreasing as the years go on, so much so that I don’t believe it’s good value for money anymore.

Fado Macau

If Fado were a Michelin starred restaurant then maybe they could get away with such business, but they need to remember where they are – on the M floor of the Royal Hotel, not in some big name resort down on the Cotai Strip.

Fado Macau table and chairs

When the King Clam appetizer for $200 came out, I honestly thought they were going to bring another plate.

Fado Macau king clams
King Clams

Compared to the clam dish served at Cafe Xina for half the price and you’ll see why I was disappointed.

Fado Macau octopus and squid soup
Octopus and Squid Soup

The Octopus and Squid Soup would have been fine had it been twice the size, but I couldn’t believe how tiny the bowl was.  I mean, there might have been 10 tablespoons of soup broth in it, it was that pathetic.

Fado Macau roasted sea bass
Roasted Sea Bass

The Roasted Sea Bass for $180 was another puny half serving of fish, far too small to be considered a proper main, and prepared strangely at that, on top of an oily slab of bread that added nothing.

Fado Macau Mirandesa steak
Mirandesa Steak

The only thing that returned proper value for money was the Mirandesa Steak for $260.  Garnished in olive oil, it was a tremendous dish, the meat unbelievably soft and tender.

Fado Macau interior

Even with all of these scathing remarks, you’ll notice that Fado still gets four stars.  The simple reason being that with the exception of the roasted sea bass, everything tasted amazing.

Fado Macau private room seating

It’s obvious that Fado pays great attention to detail and ingredients which results in food of very high quality – the problem is that there’s just not enough of it.  Portuguese restaurants usually return some of the best value in town, but not here, which is why I gave Fado four stars inside of five.

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