Fantasia Kitchen

(Last updated: June 25, 2024)

Fantasia Kitchen has some good rep around town but it’s not my bag at all. First off, the visuals are abhorrent, basically letting you know in advance that no part of the meal, from the food to the wine to the service, is going to be memorable.

Fantasia Kitchen interior

With its dreary gold grey brown colour scheme, basic bar and ghastly seat cushions, Fantasia Kitchen has all the look of an anonymous bus station diner somewhere, circa 1985.

Fantasia Kitchen bar

When I’m dropping close to $1000 on a meal for two with wine, I don’t want to be checking my watch every five minutes thinking about my hypothetical bus. It’s the same sort of vibes as at Mariazinha, which is why I’ve only been there once and have no desire to return. At least Mariazinha has someone in the kitchen producing the goods, while most of what we had at Fantasia Kitchen was dripping in bush.

Fantasia Kitchen Cheese and Ham Platter
Fantasia Cheese and Ham Platter

The Fantasia Cheese and Ham Platter ($188) was just atrocious, a limp assortment of nothing that hurts to look at, even today.  I guarantee you they sourced the meat from a San Miu cold cut section where a pack of salami costs about $18.  Perhaps MacauSoul has just ruined me I don’t know, but such brazen mediocrity really bothers me now.  Charge $78 for that trash and maybe I could see it, but $188 is highway robbery.

Fantasia Kitchen Sautéed Cabbage with Garlic Cream
Sautéed Cabbage with Garlic Cream

Obviously I was out on a date here with a woman who likes strange things (and people), as the Sautéed Cabbage with Garlic Cream ($88) clearly shows.  Not something I’d ever order, for obvious reasons, it was just parts of cabbage seasoned with garlic, and tasted quite a bit like air, served medium rare. What is this dish, who would ever eat it, and why is it on a menu? Dirt outside is free too, in case we need reminding.

Fantasia Kitchen Oven Baked Pork Rib
Oven Baked Pork Rib

Saving the worst for last, the Oven Baked Pork Rib ($188) was despicable, with parts of it still cold.  Let me repeat that: parts of it were still cold.  What should have been succulent, moist and tender was clearly prepped at the wrong temperature and/or severely under-cooked, the handiwork of someone in the kitchen who doesn’t know how to cook meat.

While the meal ended badly, it actually began quite well, thanks to the Golden Sea Urchin Soup ($68) and Spanish Pork Ear Salad with Sweet Sesame Sauce ($88).  Both of Fantasia Kitchen’s two stars come from these two dishes, which were well above average.

Fantasia Kitchen Golden Sea Urchin Soup
Golden Sea Urchin Soup

The Golden Sea Urchin Soup ($68) had all the components of superior soup: pleasant cream, full body and fantastic finish.

Fantasia Kitchen Spanish Pork Ear Salad with Sweet Sesame Sauce
Spanish Pork Ear Salad with Sweet Sesame Sauce

The Spanish Pork Ear Salad with Sweet Sesame Sauce ($88) was a truly great salad, flashing beautiful interplay between the vegetables, pork and sauce.  Equally salty, sweet and creamy, it was a flawless composition, and literally one of the best salads I’ve ever had in Macau.

Fantasia Kitchen exterior

A good salad and soup does not make a meal though, with the meat platter and pork rib so bad that Fantasia Kitchen shall be shunned by this site forever.  Situated in the St. Lazarus District up the steps from 10 Fantasia, their foray into casual fine dining mostly fails miserably, with consistency and quality control sorely lacking.  Throw in the bare bones dining environs and the recipe for disaster is complete, one surely served just as raw, cold, and nasty as their prized pork ribs were.

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