Fat Siu Lau

(Last updated: July 9, 2024)

Given this review is 12 years old now (gasp!), add about $60 to $90 to the price of every main.  Quality is said to remain very high though – Fat Siu Lau has been in business for 120 years for a reason!

On the evening of the Drunken Dragon Festival, Qi Meng, A Ping and I decided to try out a Macau institution – Fat Siu Lau.

Fat Siu Lau

In business since 1903, Fat Siu Lau has been open for over 100 years now and after going there, we knew why.  No restaurant can make lamb and pigeon like that and not turn a profit.

Fat Siu Lau lamb

The lamb was wow, and the famous roasted pigeon was wow, wow, wow.

Fat Siu Lau pigeon
Roasted Pigeon

The other two dishes, African Chicken and Baked Codfish, weren’t on the level of those two, but were still pretty good. The African Chicken was extremely thick, and a little spicy, so it might not be for everyone.

Fat Siu Lau African Chicken
African Chicken

If you’re a fan of Macau’s baked cod, then you’ll probably love Fat Siu Lau’s, but in my opinion everyone does the dish far too oily, although it’s sure to make you feel full.

Fat Siu Lau baked cod
Baked Cod

A choice that also comes highly recommended is Seafood Rice, which we didn’t order, but definitely will next time.

Fat Siu Lau inside seating

Located on the Street of Happiness, the restaurant has quite aged well over its one hundred years.  The inside has been completely refurbished, and has a cute romantic feel about it, making it a nice charming place to have a meal.

Fat Siu Lau pretty girls

Prices are also quite reasonable – for three mains, one starter and two bottles of wine our bill only ran $1100, which is about the same level as Litoral or Solmar.  While Fat Siu Lau is certainly not cheap, food like this is still worth every penny.

Fat Siu Lau Mavenettes

Fat Siu Lau means Smiling Buddha in Cantonese and he definitely made us happy.  With its great blend of authentic Macanese-Portuguese food, 100 year old history, and awesome location, it’s a must try when in Macau.  My mouth waters every time I think about the place.

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