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*** What follows is a succession of different reviews.  The first one isn’t so kind, but the rest are!

If A Lorcha is the most overrated restaurant on the Macau Peninsula, then that honour belongs to Fernando when you’re talking about places to eat in Coloane.

Fernando Macau entrance

Located beside Hac Sa Beach, Fernando is clearly living off its reputation as “one of the best restaurants in Southeast Asia”, content to sit back and rake in all that tourist money, all the while serving bland uninspiring food that doesn’t live up to its billing.

Fernando Macau interior seating

Marketed as a seafood restaurant, Fernando doesn’t really have that much seafood on the menu.  And what seafood they do have is exceptionally ordinary.

Fernando Macau cod fish
Cod fish

The fish ($158) I tried was heavy and oily while the prawns ($188) lacked taste.

Fernando Macau prawns

I fared no better with the half serving of Roasted Chicken ($90), which was bone dry and unappealing.

Fernando Macau roasted chicken
Roasted Chicken

To top it off, waitresses were slow and lazy and I had to get up and find one whenever I wanted something.  At the end, my total bill for two came to $558, and I felt like a sucker having to pay so much.

Fernando’s only real value may lie in its outdoor beer garden located between the two dining rooms.

Fernando Macau outdoor beer garden

On a hot summer day, it would make for the perfect place to kick back for an hour or two and enjoy a few cold ones.  Just don’t have think about ordering any food when you do though.

Fernando Macau outdoor seating

You’re sure to be disappointed.


After years of knocking Fernando and ridiculing the owners of MacauSoul for their loyal support and business, I decided to give it another try in the summer of 2017.  Armed with a list of Jacky’s personal favourites and strict instructions to “try the right things this time”, I visited twice for lunch with my good friend Layla Huang.

Fernando Macau window and table

Sticking exclusively with Jacky’s recommendations, we tried Caldo Verde Soup ($60), Vegetable Salad ($82), Grilled Sardines ($151), Favas ($206), Sea Bream ($238), Oxtail Stew ($239), and Suckling Pig ($282).

I’m not going to completely go against what I wrote above, but Fernando is indeed a lot better than I originally thought, so much so that I’ve upped the ranking to 4 stars.

Fernando Macau Vegetable Salad
Vegetable Salad

Except for the vegetable salad that was flat out pathetic, using only lettuce, tomatoes and onions, every other dish was one I’d gladly order again.

Fernando Macau Favas

I’d never heard of favas before, but it totally blew my mind, a beautiful bean stew smothered in sauce and soft fatty meat, somewhat reminiscent of a feijoada.

Fernando Macau Oxtail Stew
Oxtail Stew

The oxtail stew was top shelf as well, a simple unpretentious family style dish that pairs splendidly with rice.

Fernando Macau Caldo Verde Soup
Caldo Verde Soup

A trio of classic Portuguese favourites have the reputation of the being the best in town, and I totally agree when it comes to the Caldo Verde Soup and Grilled Sardines, although I wouldn’t go that far with the Suckling Pig.

Fernando Macau Grilled Sardines
Grilled Sardines

Rocking fine crispy skin and soft juicy meat, it’s definitely up there but I’m not prepared to go all in and call it the best.

Fernando Macau Suckling Pig
Suckling Pig

Regardless, it’s still very much worth ordering though.

The sea bream is another firm favourite, served with an olive oil type dressing that takes the fish to another level.  Far superior to their heavy oily bacalhau, it’s such an easy order that I almost get it every time I’m at the restaurant.

Fernando Macau Sea Bream
Sea Bream

As usual, David and Jacky were right all along, and Fernando is indeed fantastic if you order the right things.  I’d definitely go for the Caldo Verde Soup and Favas first without question, then round out the meal with any of the oxtail stew, sea bream, suckling pig, or grilled sardines, depending on what you feel like having.

Fernando Macau wall of money

As always, the restaurant inevitably fills up during peak hours, in particular Friday to Sunday lunch and dinner, so be sure to make reservations before dropping by then.


A quick update on two more of Fernando’s dishes, neither of which I’d order again.

Grandmother's Soup at Fernando Macau
Grandmother’s Soup

There wasn’t much doing with the Grandmother’s Soup ($60), which should have stayed in the kitchen of the poor old woman who made it up. It’s just vegetables in a thin watery broth that packs no punch. I like my soups to strike me in the face with the force of a sledgehammer, to leave a mark, to be so flush with flavour that they’re almost meals onto themselves.  You definitely get some of that action with their Caldo Verde soup, so stick with that one instead.

Drunken Steak at Fernandos
Drunken Steak

Likewise, the Drunken Steak ($260) is another catastrophe, so much so that I’d like to apologize to the cow from which it came.  A steak that is smothered in sauce simply isn’t a steak, as it should require nothing but a grill, a touch of salt and pepper, and that’s it.  The whole point is to bask in the brilliant beefiness of the meat, to let those taste buds swoon and shake to some terrific texture and finish.  I’m not down to drop $260 on some saucy misadventure, which just goes to show, yet again, how vitally important it is to order the correct things when visiting Fernandos.

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