Fortuna Japanese

(Last updated: July 15, 2024)

Hotel Fortuna is a house of ill repute, and I sometimes feel dirty just walking in there, but their Japanese restaurant is worth making an exception for.  To date, it’s the highest ranking Japanese joint on this site, and I commend them for striking that rare balance between offering high quality fare at affordable prices.

Fortuna Japanese Restaurant beef curry rice
Beef Curry Rice
Fortuna Japanese Restaurant duck breast sushi
Duck Breast Sushi

The Beef Curry Rice ($138) and Duck Breast Sushi ($78) were both flawless, while the Sweet Shrimp ($98) and Tuna Sashimi ($168) did their part by being fantastically fresh.

Fortuna Japanese Restaurant sweet shrimp and tuna sushi
Sweet Shrimp and Tuna Sashimi

Let’s face it, just about the only way that Japanese food can go wrong is if it’s been pulled out of a freezer and defrosted, but I didn’t see any of that cheap business at Fortuna Japanese Restaurant.

Fortuna Japanese Restaurant seating

Everything was in superior condition and my lunch was made because of it.

Fortuna Japanese Restaurant interior seating

All told my bill ran $550 which is quite reasonable for a Japanese restaurant in Macau, or anywhere really.  I know I’ll definitely be back.

(Given the age of this review, expect the same food I had to cost about $200 more in 2020.)

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