Golden Peacock

Macau’s most acclaimed Indian restaurant has had 1 Michelin star since 2013, and they undoubtedly deserve it.  Jane Law and I had an excellent dinner there during the 2014 Grand Prix weekend, which you can read all about here: Golden Peacock.

The rest of this review details two of their special set meals, which I believe are only available at night.

Let’s start with the one that I tried in 2017, the Non-Vegetarian Set Dinner that costs $537 a person.  Totaling 6 courses, it’s composed of a selection of appetizers, one soup, two curries, one vegetable and one dessert.  Basically a “greatest hits” compilation of their most popular dishes, it’s the fantastic way to experience the best of what Golden Peacock has to offer, all in one easy visit.

The highlights of the set meal are definitely the two curries and soup, along with the dessert, a type of ice cream made from organic prunes, which completely surpassed all my expectations.  Who knew Indian desserts could be so good?

Conversely I was a little disappointed by the eggplant yoghurt concoction, which would have functioned better as a sauce than a main, and two of the appetizers (chicken and prawn), which I found either too smoky or dry.

That’s to say, not everything about the set meal is perfect, but enough of it is to give it a try.  The best dishes are simply amazing.

Fair warning beforehand, it is A TON of food so make sure you’re good and hungry before you go.






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