Hao Jing Fan Dian

I’ve eaten at Hao Jing Fan Dian many times and always order the Chicken Rice (鸡肉饭), Pork Rice (猪肉饭) or Duck Rice (鸭肉饭), all of which cost $35.

Hao Jing Fan Dian chicken rice
Chicken Rice
Hao Jing Fan Dian duck rice
Duck Rice
Hao Jing Fan Dian pork rice
Pork Rice

BBQ Pork or Char Shu (烧肉) is supposed to be their specialty, but communication can sometimes be difficult there, so I always take the path of least resistance and just order what I know.

Hao Jing Fan Dian diners

Full everyday at lunch, you might have to wait to get a seat at a packed table with regular customers, but that’s what dining on the road is sometimes all about.

Hao Jing Fan Dian interior

Hao Jing Fan Dian isn’t going to win any awards for its service or how it looks, but it doesn’t have to.  Packed with patrons everyday, it serves authentic Cantonese food at good prices.  In casino restaurants, the same things would cost three times as much.

Hao Jing Fan Dian outside

If you’re around Senado Square and looking for some meal that’s quick, cheap and good, Hao Jing is an excellent option.

Hao Jing Fan Dian


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