He Fa Ma Tou Mei Shi

I’m not going to write a lot in this He Fa Ma Tou Mei Shi review because I don’t have to.  You don’t dissect genius, you just appreciate it.

He Fa Ma Tou Mei Shi seafood soup
Seafood Soup

The owners of MacauSoul told me about this seafood restaurant, and it’s got to be Macau’s best.

He Fa Ma Tou Mei Shi fried shrimp
Fried Shrimp

My friend and I tried 5 different things there and they were all impressive.  The price might be a little high for some – $1100 MOP, but seafood is generally expensive as a rule and that goes double when you’re in Macau.

He Fa Ma Tou Mei Shi oysters

Four years ago, it would have been half the price but I’m not going to change my ranking.  When the seafood is this good, you bite the bullet and live with it.

He Fa Ma Tou Mei Shi razor clams
Razor Clams

He Fa Ma Tou Mei Shi is a little difficult to find, especially if you’re using Google Maps, which just lists it as “Fish Restaurant on the Water”, LOL!!  To find it, just go to the Sofitel first then take the smaller road that goes behind the gas station.  The restaurant will appear shortly on the left hand side.

He Fa Ma Tou Mei Shi steamed grouper fish
Steamed Grouper

Don’t let the building’s shoddy exterior dissuade you either.  There are plenty of tables in the rear patio adjacent to the water and Macau’s Inner Harbour.

He Fa Ma Tou Mei Shi exterior

It’s a glorious place to sit back in the early evening and enjoy an excellent meal.

He Fa Ma Tou Mei Shi sunset

He Fa Ma Tou Mei Shi, bravo!

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