Ho Man Kei

(Last updated: December 24, 2023)

Hang some roasted meat in a window and there’s a good chance the Maven will come knocking soon.  I’d passed by Ho Man Kei a hundred times since returning to Macau in July, and finally gave it a try on a day when a Typhoon 8 signal was hoisted and almost every other restaurant around was shut down.

Ho Man Kei restaurant exterior

With only Chinese menus I have no idea what they sell exactly, so I’ve been sticking to their roasted meats, which seem to be the house specialty anyway.

Ho Man Kei restaurant interior

So far I’ve tried the duck, chicken and pork, all of which cost $26 and come with rice and a small bowl of soup.

Chicken Rice at Ho Man Kei
Chicken Rice

The first thing to note is the large portion size, with no skimping or shirking on the meat.  It’s hard to say definitively but I doubt anybody else is giving that much for the price.

Duck Rice at Ho Man Kei
Duck Rice

As for the quality, it’s totally okay, but not anything so spectacular that it’s worth burning a dining visit in Macau for.  A solid 3 out of 5 stars, Ho Man Kei is more for locals looking to save a quick buck with a quick meal, rather than tourists who might prefer a longer, more satisfying dining experience.

Pork Rice at Ho Man Kei
Pork Rice

The kicker is that Niu Ji is right across the street, and serves the same kinds of things for around the same price, and is infinitely better across the board, offering superior food, service and environment.

Ho Man Kei entrance door

Maybe on a day when another Typhoon 8 sounds again, I’ll be back again to Ho Man Kei!  Barring that, this Maven simply has better places to be.  (Which in this case, means, right across the street!)

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