Hoi Un Sio Sek

(Last updated: December 29, 2023)

Pig’s Guts Noodles don’t exactly sound like anything I’d ever want to try, but believe me, the ones at Hoi Un Sio Sek are pretty damn good.

They’re actually not even pig’s guts or noodles at all, but rather a flour roll filled with pork, beef or seafood.

Hoi Un Sio Sek Seafood Pigs Guts Noodles
Seafood Pigs Guts Noodles

Each kind costs $13.5 and the seafood and pork ones are definitely the ones to try.

Hoi Un Sio Sek Pork Pigs Guts Noodles
Pork Pigs Guts Noodles

For some reason the beef ones lack taste and are just way too sticky and glutinous, just a total disaster on all sides.

Hoi Un Sio Sek beef Pigs Guts Noodles
Beef Pigs Guts Noodles

After trying all three kinds, I was legitimately done and that’s no small feat.  There aren’t many restaurants in the world that can send me packing completely full and satisfied for only 40 Mops, or about $3 US dollars.

Pig’s Guts Noodles are pretty standard selections on dim sum menus across town and the ones at Hoi Un Sio Sek are the best I’ve ever had.

Hoi Un Sio Sek front

There’s a sweet synergy going on between the sauce, roll and meat, far exceeding what you’d normally get from a small restaurant that’s basically a street stall.

Hoi Un Sio Sek cooking station

If you go alone and can’t speak Chinese, just point to bucket number 2 and 3, they’re the pork and seafood ones respectively.  (As you can see from the picture, they’re clearly the best sellers, the beef is just being ignored.)

Hoi Un Sio Sek pigs guts noodles

Unfortunately, English isn’t understood so some combination of sign language, patience and ingenuity might be required.

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