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(Last updated: May 23, 2024)

I used to think Indian Spice was bulletproof, but a recent visit in April 2024 has my confidence shaken and my swagger shook.  It could be circling the drain the same way that Indian Garden did a decade ago, and with Golden Peacock no longer open for business at the Venetian, there may be no more good Indian dining left in town.  I can’t know for sure until I return again and try 2 or 3 other curries, but I’m demoting them to 3.5 stars for the time being.

The main issue was with the Fish Tikka Masala, which went for a very reasonable $120.

Indian Spice Macau Fish Tikka Masala
Fish Tikka Masala

Now, curry to me isn’t just curry, it’s an experience or a journey. When it’s on, it’s like a phenomenal soup, starting at one place, taking a twist or turn somewhere, then ending up in a different area code. There’s got to be body, there’s got to be soul, there’s got to be life. Sadly, The Fish Tikka Masala was like hearing a new song from your favourite band and waiting for it to do something. When it never does, you’re left in limbo, confused, disappointed, and wanting more. I even asked the waitress if ownership had changed or if there was a new cook, but she said everything was the same before.

When Scorpio paid the black dude to rearrange his face in Dirty Harry, he wanted a beating and he wanted his money’s worth. The same goes for me with soups and curry: I want to be floored and I want them to leave a mark.  Not only did I leave Indian Spice bewildered and disappointed, but I was also clean as a whistle, smelling like a rose. They could have put me on a catwalk afterwards to model the new Armani line, I was looking that good.  A damn pity and a damn shame!

Indian Spice Prawn Tandoori
Prawn Tandoori

The Prawn Tandoori ($190) was another snoozer, and I think I’m just out on this dish in general. For one, it’s often quite pricey and while it’s usually prepared well, prawns probably taste best when they pack some extra garnish and kick.  Indian food is synonymous with spice, and it’s even the name of the restaurant for crying out loud, but this serving was just too lame and tame for me.

Indian Spice Chicken Tikka
Chicken Tikka

All credit to the Chicken Tikka for $130, which was the only thing I enjoyed there. I originally intended to order samosa, but they were all out so I pivoted to this brilliant boneless appetizer instead.  Order it with confidence as it won’t disappoint, as it’s to the level of some of their (previously best?) dishes.

For a couple of earlier reviews, when Indian Spice was an easy 4.5 stars, please continue reading below.


Before Golden Peacock came along, Indian Spice used to carry the reputation of being THE BEST Indian restaurant in Macau, and my lunch there did nothing to contradict that.

Indian Spice spicy lamb curry
Spicy Lamb Curry

I went with Mu Yi and we tried three different types of curry, along with some prawns and chicken vindaloo.

Indian Spice Macau chicken tikka
Chicken Vindaloo

I’m by no means an expert on Indian cuisine, but we both loved what we had, especially the Prawns Bhuna (Prawns with Onions, Tomatoes and Spices) and the Lamb Vandal (Spicy Lamb Curry).  Not only was everything exceptionally fresh and tasty but also very filling.

Indian Spice Garlic Naan
Garlic Naan

Most of the food on Indian Spice’s menu is either rice, vegetarian, seafood, lamb or chicken.  The chef hails from Patel Nagar, Delhi, so all of it is sure to be authentic Northern Indian food.  My friend from Bombay also told me what you get there is the real deal, from scent to aroma, texture to taste, it’s all done the right way.

Indian Spice Macau exterior

Prices are also extremely reasonable, with most selections $60 to $120, so a lunch or dinner for two won’t run more than $500 or $600.

Indian Spice Macau indoor seating

Located near MGM Macau, I think anyone who is a fan of genuine Indian food will like Indian Spice.

Indian Spice Macau counter


A return visit to Indian Spice in February 2020 has me higher on the restaurant than ever before. I’ve ratcheted it up to 4.5 stars now, mostly on the back of two dishes: Chicken Samosa ($75) and Coconut Prawns Curry ($140).

Chicken Samosa is the kind of starter that I automatically order whenever I see it, and it should definitely be more well known around the world.

Indian Spice Macau chicken samosa
Chicken Samosa

Soft yet crisp, it’s a beautiful balance between the harder shell and soft mushy chicken, each bite just brimming with taste and texture.

The Coconut Prawn Curry is on that same level too, a silky smooth dish that adds just a touch of spice, but not enough to completely overwhelm the seafood elements.

Indian Spice coconut prawn curry
Coconut Prawn Curry

When paired with the Jeera rice, it enters another stratosphere, and might just be approaching must order status.

The Fish Tikka ($105) is a little expensive for what you get, and I’m not sure that I’d order it again. Don’t get me wrong, it was prepared excellently, to the point where the fish just melts and dissolves in the mouth, but I was looking for something with a bit more kick.

Indian Spice Macau fish tikka
Fish Tikka

Perhaps a bit more lemon or seasonings would have helped out a great deal, just to bring more life to the party. Still though the dish was pure, balanced, and true, and I’d give it 3.5 out of 5 overall.

Indian Spice remains the best Indian restaurant on the old Peninsula, and I don’t think it’s particularly close anymore. Go there without hesitation for some mind blowing curries and samosa, and spend $200 to $300 per person while doing so.

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