Kam Lai Heen

Kam Lai Heen is the Grand Lapa’s signature Cantonese restaurant, located on the 2nd floor beside Vasco bar.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with nice artwork on the wall and traditional Chinese music playing in the background.  The night I was there the place was empty, outside of one other table taken up by a family of 4.

Kam Lai Heen Macau

I must admit that I often don’t know what to order at Cantonese restaurants.  Whenever I choose dishes alone, the food never seems to go well with each other, so I made sure this time to ask the waiter for his recommendations.

Kam Lai Heen Macau entrance

I started with a Duck Pancake appetizer ($108) that is very popular with customers before moving on to one of the Chef’s Recommendations, Fish Maw Soup ($88).

Kam Lai Heen Macau duck pancake
Duck Pancake

I was a little disappointed by the Duck Pancake because it wasn’t very succulent, but was very satisfied by the Fish Maw Soup.  Exceptionally tasty, it was done just right, full of texture and very smooth.

Kam Lai Heen Macau fish maw soup
Fish Maw Soup

For my main dish, I tried another Chef’s Recommendation, Garlic Chili Prawns ($168), and then ordered a bowl of rice to go with it.  I found the prawns to be moist and done well, but there wasn’t enough seasoning, and for some reason they were more sweet than spicy.

Kam Lai Heen Macau garlic chili prawns
Garlic Chili Prawns

Perhaps worst of all, they didn’t match the rice at all, meaning I had to suffer through eating a bowl of bland white rice.

Kam Lai Heen’s food is fresh and tasty, but too expensive.  All told my bill came to $470 MOP for 3 small small portions.  After I finished my meal, I was still hungry, but decided against ordering another main course dish because I didn’t want to spend another $150.

Before leaving I sat at my table for awhile and the staff gave me some free dessert, which was very nice of them.  I must say the service throughout the evening was outstanding, and is why I give Kam Lai Heen 3 stars instead of 2.5, which is what their overpriced food probably deserves.

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