Lei Hong Kei

(Last updated: November 7, 2023)

Sometimes I wish I had more friends.  I mean, I’ve been going to Macau for almost 10 years and yet no one ever told me about Lei Hong Kei? Was it a secret that everyone was just keeping to themselves?

Lei Hong Kei Macau

Online reviews don’t do the place justice, hovering somewhere in the 3.5 to 4 star range, which is just insane because it’s far superior to that.  One of Macau’s 10 Iconic Restaurants, it’s been a fixture on the Street of Happiness since 1956, and I don’t think they’ll be going anywhere soon.  (Unfortunately their awesome sign is no longer up, a victim of government overreach and regulation.)

Lei Hong Kei Macau neon sign

And yet tourists in this part of town keep flocking around the corner to Tou Tou Koi instead, so they can stand in line for 30 minutes. To that I just have one word: Crazy!

Lei Hong Kei Macau chalkboard menu

It’s time we end the madness, and go where the locals go, to enjoy food that’s not only cheaper, but better too. Excellently priced, most dishes at Lei Hong Kei cost between $50 and $120, with only a few premium selections exceeding $500.

Their roasted meats are just amazing, whether it be the Roasted Pork ($66) or Roasted Chicken ($105), while the soups are meals onto themselves and enough to serve 2 or 3 people.

Lei Hong Kei Macau Roasted Pork
Roasted Pork
Lei Hong Kei Macau roasted chicken
Roasted Chicken

The Soup of Steamed Garoupa ($75), for example, comes with a huge bowl and then a bunch of fish on the side too, which I’ve never seen any other restaurant generous enough to do before.

Lei Hong Kei Macau soup of steamed garoupa
Soup of Steamed Garoupa

Barbecue Pork with Honey ($85) is sticky sweet goodness from another planet, a combination I never thought possible.  Another signature dish, ask them to serve it a touch fatty, as it goes much better with the honey that way.

Lei Hong Kei Macau Barbecue Pork with Honey
Barbecue Pork with Honey

Their Fried Sweet and Sour Pork is another highlight and a dish that so many restaurants often get wrong. Either there’s too much sauce or not enough, the meat too soggy or too dry, but Lei Hong Kei nails it, and barely charges anything for the trouble, only $58.

Lei Hong Kei Macau fried sweet and sour pork
Fried Sweet and Sour Pork

If chicken is more your preference, match it up with a plate of rice in a beautiful mushroom sauce, and reap those rewards for only $63.

Lei Hong Kei rice with chicken pieces
Rice with Chicken Pieces

To get your greens, try the Steamed Mixed Vegetables for $60, which is smothered in a tasty sauce that is just awesome with rice, while the Shrimp with Vegetables ($85) is a fantastic starter, as fresh as it is fine, and more great value for the price.

Lei Hong Kei Macau shrimp with vegetables
Shrimp with Vegetables
Lei Hong Kei steamed mixed vegetables
Steamed Mixed Vegetables

Before finishing, I’d like to highlight a few hidden costs at Lei Hong Kei. Side bowls of rice are a very expensive $12, while tea is $4 per person. The free nibbles such as nuts really aren’t free, costing $10, while everyone needs to pay $1 just for the pleasure of sitting down.

Finally a 10% service charge gets tacked onto everything at the end, which most street restaurants don’t do, so keep that in mind when ordering.

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