Lord Stow’s Garden Cafe

Lord Stow’s carries a big name in Macau, but their reach might have exceeded their grasp with this Garden Cafe venture.

Lord Stows Garden Cafe

Just because you can make egg tarts doesn’t mean you can make soups or salads and that’s my core criticism of this restaurant.

Lord Stows Garden Cafe counter

Featuring a menu with a heavy Thai slant, I tried Tom Yum Kung soup ($28), smoked salmon salad ($99), and fish fillet with rice ($56) that also came with a small bowl of curry.  The only good thing about the meal were the prices, while the quality of food wasn’t too far away from what you get at a decent food court.

Lord Stows Garden Cafe tom yum kung soup
Tom Yum Kung Soup
Lord Stows Garden Cafe smoked salmon salad
Smoked Salmon Salad

The Tom Yung soup was nowhere near authentic while the salad was a clumsy concoction of corn, carrots, mayonnaise and a few pieces of salmon.

Lord Stows Garden Cafe fish fillet with rice
Fish Fillet with Rice

Serving curry together with the fish fillet was a weird pairing that naturally went belly up, and I still don’t understand why they did it.  Besides that, the fish fillet was totally amateur and tasteless, but for only $56 I suppose you get what you pay for.

Lord Stows egg tart
Lord Stows (famous) Egg Tarts!

Even though the food deserves 2.5 stars out of 5, the fact that prices are very reasonable and they also sell amazing egg tarts and good coffee lifts the overall rating up to 3.

I’ll never go back though and would recommend you try either Nga Tim or Espaco Lisboa instead when dining in Coloane Village.

Lord Stows Garden Cafe Coloane Village

Lord Stow’s Garden Cafe has since moved to a new location, behind the main Lord Stow’s Bakery in this big blue building.

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