Lou Van Fai Kei

I’ve probably passed by Lou Van Fai Kei a thousand times, given its location in Coloane Village that links the main bus stop with Tam Kong and Tin Hau temples.  And most every time I’ve walked by I couldn’t help but notice how busy it always seemed to be, with most of the outdoor tables usually full of people.

Lou Van Fai Kei

Wanting to get in on the secret, my friend and I visited for lunch during the 2017 Dragon Boat Races.

Lou Van Fai Kei indoor seating

Nothing at Lou Van is expensive, with rice ($27 to $47), soup ($8), sandwiches ($10 to $20), dim sum ($8 to $14), and various noodles ($22 to $27) all available.  Generally speaking, when you order food you know you like in this kind of restaurant, then there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy it, but it will probably won’t blow you away either.  Indeed that basically summed up our lunch there, with no incentive given for a return visit, unless you’re already in Coloane Village and want something cheap and quick.

I think the two best dishes were the Beef Brisket with Egg Rolls ($22) and Chicken Leg Rice ($47).  I wanted to order the Duck Leg Rice ($47) instead but it was sold out so I had to pivot back to the chicken, which is a staple Cantonese offering in the south.

Lou Van Fai Kei chicken leg rice
Chicken Leg Rice

It’s a touch expensive at Lou Van, about $10 more than most other places, but still worth it.

Lou Van Fai Kei beef brisket soup
Beef Brisket Soup

I really enjoyed the Beef Brisket, which was served in a spicy soup with soft noodles and fresh beef.  For the price it was tremendous value, as was the Soup of the Day, which is only $8.

Lou Van Fai Kei soup of the day
Soup of the Day

I had no idea what it was, but for that price, I don’t ask a lot of questions.

The Fried Barbecue Pork with Egg Rice ($27) was for my friend, because how anyone could eat egg and enjoy it is beyond me.  She called it a simple home style dish that wasn’t bad and then left it at that.

Lou Van Fai Kei fried barbecue pork with egg rice
Fried Barbecue Pork with Egg Rice

Avoid the Rice Vermicelli with Barbecue Pork ($27) as rice vermicelli is a useless noodle, totally devoid of taste, body, soul and substance.  If you order noodles there, get some sustenance and go with the egg noodles instead.  The macaroni might be a good alternative too.

Lou Van Fai Kei rice vermicelli with barbecue pork
Rice Vermicelli with Barbecue Pork

Packed everyday, I’d almost call Lou Van a tourist trap, except there aren’t any tourists.  Service is fast and efficient and they have plenty of nice outdoor seating, which is rare in Macau.  If you’re looking for a quick refresh in Coloane Village that won’t cost an arm and a leg, this is the place.

Lou Van Fai Kei pay counter

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