Ou Mun Cafe

Senado Square is the most popular tourist zone in Macau, yet strangely enough, there aren’t a lot of restaurants there.  If it were located in Portugal, I’d imagine half the buildings would probably be cafes and restaurants, with patios and outdoor seating, but for some reason it never developed that way in Macau.

Ou Mun Cafe Macau

Of what little dining options exist in the area I’d consider Ou Mun Cafe to be the best of them, a small eatery on Travessa de Sao Domingos, close to St. Dominic’s Church and Cathedral Square.

Ou Mun Cafe Macau indoor seating

Calling it a cafe is a bit of misnomer though, since Ou Mun has quite a large menu, more in line with a restaurant than a place that identifies itself with coffee.

Ou Mun Cafe Macau tables and paintings

I only ordered two things there: Octopus Salad ($98) and Suckling Pig with French Fries ($188), and quite enjoyed both of them.

Octopus Salad
Octopus Salad

The octopus salad incorporated a lot of a tasty vegetables, sauce and seasonings, while the suckling pig was a brilliant dish, succulent yet crispy, definitely one of the better ones I’ve had in Macau.  I also appreciated the french fries and salad that got served with it, which is not something that every restaurant does anymore.  In more than quite a few places nowadays, all sides are extra.

Ou Mun Cafe Macau Suckling Pig with French Fries
Suckling Pig with French Fries

Smart, simple, and relaxed, Ou Mun Cafe is a great choice for people in and around Senado Square who want a good quick meal at a reasonable price.

Ou Mun Cafe Macau pay counter

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