Pousada de Coloane Restaurant

Pousada de Coloane has a small Portuguese restaurant located beside the pool and reception.  The night we visited the place was empty and I think that’s par for the course at the restaurant.  If not many people are staying in the hotel then business is going to be slow at the restaurant.  Waiters and waitresses seemed used to doing very little, and their service suffered as a result.  I got the sense we were bothering them just by being there, a pair of nuisances infringing on their free time.

Pousada de Coloane Restaurant

For our dinner, we stuck to Portuguese staples: Fried Spicy Shrimps with Garlic and Olive Oil ($128), Seafood Soup ($78), Portuguese Steak with Fried Egg ($218), Roasted Pig ($208) along with a Chefs Salad ($83).

Pousada de Coloane Restaurant Fried Spicy Shrimps with Garlic and Olive Oil
Fried Spicy Shrimps with Garlic and Olive Oil
Pousada de Coloane Restaurant chefs salad
Chefs Salad
Pousada de Coloane Restaurant seafood soup
Seafood Soup

The food was decent enough but I thought the serving sizes were on the small end, more like something you’d get in a big 5 star hotel restaurant.

Pousada de Coloane Restaurant Portuguese Steak
Portuguese Steak
Pousada de Coloane Restaurant roasted pig
Roasted Pig

Typically speaking, a restaurant like this on the street gives much more generous portions.

Pousada de Coloane Restaurant wall azulejo

On the positive side, the restaurant is decorated nicely, with beautiful Portuguese tiles and decorative plates. Lighting is another plus, not too bright and not too dark, it gives the floor a soft romantic ambience.  Their wine list is also good, with some decent selections between $150 and $300, it’s not the usual gouging you experience in most places.

Pousada de Coloane Restaurant fireplace

None of it warrants a return visit though.  This restaurant is only good for guests staying at Pousada de Coloane who don’t want to go out and eat.  The food is okay and decently priced so that alone warrants 3 stars in Macau.  The service needs to get better though.

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