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(Last updated: June 19, 2024)

This is the third installment in my “Elaine Series”, which reviews 9 Taipa restaurants recommended by born and bred local resident, Elaine. A certified foodie in her early 20’s, she has the Taipa dining scene cased, and it’s my hope that we uncover a few hidden gems together here, that only Macau people know about. Next up? Burmese rice and noodles in Taipa Village.

Burmese food can be hella good, with the best Burmese restaurant in town located near the Three Lamps, Ya Xiang.

Rest Yangon Taipa exterior

Rest Yangon isn’t anywhere close to their level, but they do have a few dishes that rise far above typical expectation. The flip side is you’ll probably have to order two plates to feel full, likely costing about $110 in total.

Rest Yangon table and chairs

The star of the show is the Pork Chop Rice ($60), for reasons I admittedly don’t understand. Quite how it tastes so good eludes me, but the turmeric rice and secret red sauce on top is a key component why.

Pork Chop Rice at Rest Yangon
Pork Chop Rice

Both play off the pork so well, which is perfectly prepared in its own right, with mouthwatering moistness, juice and char. Perhaps it’s just as simple as the rice being slightly sweet, and the pork adding some salt, but the synergy just sings and the combo is phenomenal.

Chicken Noodles in Coconut Soup with Bean Cracker at Rest Yangon
Chicken Noodles in Coconut Soup with Bean Cracker

The Chicken Noodles in Coconut Soup with Bean Cracker ($54) is a beautiful house specialty, where soft noodles and scrumptious chicken team up to produce a tasty tour de force.

Stir Fried Curry Chicken Noodles at Rest Yangon
Stir Fried Curry Chicken Noodles

If you prefer the same sort of thing stir fried, that’s available too for $52, but it’s probably better with the coconut soup, as the broth adds more flavour and flair to the proceedings.

Elaine told me to stay away from the beef dishes, and I’d also recommend avoiding the Chicken Curry Rice ($58) and Fish Cake Rice in Burmese Style ($58).  I wanted to make more magic happen with the turmeric rice, but the chicken and fish just weren’t cooperating.

Chicken Curry Rice at Rest Yangon
Chicken Curry Rice

Half of the chicken – the part where the meat just fell off the bone – was stellar, but the other two pieces were strange cuts I’ve only seen offered at Niu Ji before. I’m not even sure that part of the chicken is served in Western countries as I’d never seen it growing up. What should be another 5 star dish gets reduced to 3.5 because of that, while the Fish Cake Rice in Burmese Style was overtly offensive.

Fish Cake Rice in Burmese Style at Rest Yangon
Fish Cake Rice in Burmese Style

Not enjoyable at all, the weird sauce didn’t mesh with the fish at all, making it a 2 star dish.

Before wrapping up, I’d like to shout out the Samosa ($15), which is straight up sensational. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, it’s just $15 on it own, or comes free as part of the combo meals.

Samosa at Rest Yangon

The best value at Rest Yangon is definitely ordering a combo, since it includes either a free drink or appetizer, such as chicken wings, spring rolls or bean cracker, for about $10 more than the regular price.

Rest Yangon counter and Myanmar flag

Rest Yangon’s biggest deficiency is its killer small portions that probably wouldn’t fill a toddler up. You’ll definitely have to double down there with a couple of things to have a proper meal, which should be quite excellent, if you pick the right things. Absurdly busy at lunch due to the high school down the road, I’ve only visited at night when tables are always easy to get.

Other “Elaine Series” restaurants

-Loja de Sopa Fitas (叠记咖喱面食): 0 stars.  No English menu = no use to us, plus noodles nothing special.
-Kam Lei (金利食店): 1 star.  Maybe better than Loja de Sopa Fitas, maybe not. English menus, but more ordinary noodles.
Xiao Sheng Xuan Japanese Ramen: 2.5 stars
Duckling: 3 stars
Hei Lin Cafe: 4 stars
-Sei Kee Cafe (世記咖啡): *Coming soon
-Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen: *Coming soon
-Chiang Rai: *Coming soon

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