Robuchon Au Dome

Robuchon Au Dome is a three star Michelin joint that’s long on reputation and short on substance.  I had the set lunch meal deal here a few years ago and trust me, don’t waste your time.  Apart from severe disappointment, the only other thing I felt after the meal were severe burning pangs of hunger.  Not only were the servings minuscule but half of them were ordinary at best.  The soup tasted like something like out of a can in a supermarket while I’ve had better tasting fish served straight from a mainland vegetable market stall.  How this place got three Michelin stars I’ll never know.  They don’t even deserve one.  As my friend said, the best part about the lunch was the sparkling water.

The lunch meal I tried now runs $598 (3 courses), $698 (4 courses), and $798 (5 courses).  Wine is extra with 2 glasses ($320), 3 glasses ($420) and 4 glasses ($520).  Make reservations at another restaurant after you go though, even if you try the full course, because you’re going to need them.

Maybe things turn around at night with their two set meals for $1588 or $2488, but you’ll be paying a lot to find out.  Apart from that, there’s also a small 2 page a la carte menu featuring entrees ($320-$880), soup ($220-$280) and meat ($680-$1280).

Located at the very top of the Grand Lisboa, one nice thing I can say about the restaurant is that is very very beautiful.  My advice is to stop by and have a look, just don’t order anything.


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