San Kiu Teahouse

San Kiu Teahouse is a recommended pit stop if you’re in the Lin Kai Temple area and need a place to rest and recharge for awhile.

San Kiu Teahouse Macau entrance

The food and drink menu is listed at the end, kindly translated by my good friend, the lovely Layla Huang.  As you’ll see, it’s very limited, offering only noodles, buns and sandwiches along with different tea and drink options.

San Kiu Teahouse Macau pay counter

Visiting during lunch, my friend and I tried the Pork Chop Bun ($18), Instant Noodles ($12) and Spicy Fish Noodles ($23) along with a small kettle of Chrysanthemum Tea ($5) which you could refill for free.

San Kiu Teahouse Macau instant noodles
Instant Noodles

The instant noodles were rather plain, as I guess instant noodles usually are, while the Pork Chop Bun was uncharacteristically dry – even as Pork Chop Buns go.  I always think that adding a little mustard would go a long way, but that’s not how it’s done in Macau.

San Kiu Teahouse Macau pork chop bun
Pork Chop Bun

The only dish worth ordering was the spicy fish noodles, which were about as good as a simple bowl of noodles can possibly be.

San Kiu Teahouse Macau spicy fish noodles
Spicy Fish Noodles

The tea was another highlight as well – packed with a ton of leaves, we refilled it three or four times without it losing flavour.

San Kiu Teahouse Macau tea

Obviously you won’t be rolling into San Kiu Teahouse for the food, but rather for the vibes and venue, not to mention the convenience.

San Kiu Teahouse Macau outdoor seating

Seemingly equal part temple, teahouse and aviary, it’s a unique outdoor space in the middle of densely packed apartment buildings, the hangout of local Cantonese who show up everyday to read newspapers and play cards.

San Kiu Teahouse Macau pavilion

Brimming with bird cages and Buddhist statues, San Kiu Teahouse is perfect for people who aren’t too fussy or particular, and enjoy visiting small neighbourhood places.

San Kiu Teahouse Macau bell and birdhouse

I can’t think of another place in Macau that’s anything like it.

As no one there speaks English, please feel free to make use of the translated menu below.

Beverage prices 飲品價目

Mixed drinks:

奶紅 ($9) – It uses black tea to make milk tea.  It tastes fresh.
奶咖 ($9) –  Milk mixed with coffee.
阿華田 ($9) – Ovaltine
好立克 ($9) – Horlicks, malt milk with hot milk
菊蜜 ($9) – Chrysanthemum tea with some sugar or honey inside, it tastes sweet but fresh.
菊普 ($9) – Chrysanthemum tea with Pu’er tea (Pu’er tea is a kind of Chinese classical tea).  A little bit bitter and when these two teas are mixed together, it tastes more full-bodied.
菜蜜 ($9) – It’s a kind of vegetable that we called it Xi Yang Cai.  This vegetable is soaked in salty water for half an hour and then boiled with honey dates and crystal sugar.
檸蜜 ($9) – Lemon juice with honey.
檸樂 ($18) – Coca Cola with lemon.


净菊 ($5) – Pure chrysanthemum tea, dried chrysanthemum boiled with water.
普洱 ($5) – Pu’er tea, a kind of classical Chinese tea.
寿眉 ($5) – Shou Mei Tea, a tea with a nice smell.


凍鮮奶 ($12) –  Cold fresh milk
熱鮮奶 ($12) – Hot fresh milk

Soft drinks and beer:

葡萄適 ($13) – Lucozade. Some people really like it, some people don’t.
細青島啤酒 ($13) – Small can of Qingdao beer
大青島啤酒 ($13) – Big bottle of Qingdao beer.
各式樽装汽水 ($10) – Soft drinks in a glass bottle
各式紙包飲品 ($5) – Various drink boxes(you can see in the fridge)

Food 食品價目

鮮油多 ($9) – Fry the toast for a little bit, then add some thick beef tallow.  It looks like a simple sandwich.
鮮油包 ($9) – Hot bread with cold thick beef tallow.  A very classic bread food.
午飧包 ($13) – Ham with bread (I am not sure what kind of ham it is)
火腿多 ($13) – This means a lot of ham.  I don’t know how it’s different from the previous entry.
芝士包 ($13) – Cheese with bread
辣魚多 ($13) – Spicy fish with bread
雞疍三文治 ($13) – Egg sandwich
餐包多士同價: This means that bread and toast are the same price.

Some noodles:

豬扒麺 ($23) – Pork chop noodles
凈公仔麺 ($12) – Instant noodles, without any other food added.
雞疍公仔麺 ($17) – Egg noodles.
午飧疍麺  ($23) – A different ham with egg noodles
辣魚麵 ($23) – Spicy fish noodles, It tastes spicy and salty
辣魚疍麺 ($28) – Spicy fish with egg noodles
火腿蛋麵 ($23) – Ham with egg noodles
米粉麵同價:(It means you choose the different kind of noodles, the price is the same.)

Some buns:

豬扒包 ($18) – Pork chop bun
奶油包 ($9) – Cream bun
奶占包 ($9) Sweet bun (the filling uses butter, sugar, and milk powder.)
花生油包 ($9) –  A bread made from peanut oil.
火腿××包 ($18) – Ham bun

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