Sea View Coffee

(Last updated: June 2, 2024)

Look, I don’t know how good Sea View Coffee was back in the 80’s when it was apparently STELLAR, because I’d use the same word to describe it today.

Sea View Coffee front door

Largely unknown to anyone but locals, it should have a much bigger following than it does, especially for visitors to Macau looking for something a little different. Set in a large stilted room over the water, it’s very much like restaurants on Lamma Island in Hong Kong, except this one is far easier to get to.

Sea View Coffee interior tables and chairs

Usually doing a decent business nightly, there will undoubtedly be someone up front singing karaoke in English or Chinese, while other patrons make no bones about being boisterous and joining in. If you’re in the mood for that kind of loose, laid back dining environment (hopefully aided by a cold beverage or two), then put Seafood Coffee on the very top of the to-do list, because there’s no other place in Macau quite like it.

Sea View Coffee tables and singing area

I’ve had three selections there that are absolutely top notch: German Pork Knuckle ($98), Suckling Pig ($55), and Pigeon ($98).

Sea View Coffee suckling pig
Suckling Pig

Each dish deserves an easy 5 stars with the only problem the small amount of suckling pig served. I don’t know why they don’t make it twice the size (and price) but I’m definitely ordering two plates the next time I go back!

Sea View Coffee pigeon

The pigeon is just every bit as good as the more ballyhooed version down the road at Nga Tim, while the German pig knuckle is so deliciously moist that it should be illegal.

Sea View Coffee German pig knuckle
German Pig Knuckle

I didn’t like the Shrimp ($110) as much, mostly down to individual preference, hoping it was seasoned with a little bit more of… something, anything.

Sea View Coffee shrimp

If you don’t mind it prepped in this plain fashion, then game on, while the Feijoada ($95) is probably best avoided by everyone.

Sea View Coffee feijoada

For starters, it’s done a lot better elsewhere, including down the road at Espaco Lisboa, and more importantly, it’s simply not as good as the German Pork Knuckle already mentioned above.

Sea View Coffee vegetables

As for the Vegetables ($68), order them if you’re so inclined, because they do what they say and say what they do. Side bowls of rice cost $11, which you’ll probably need with most dishes on offer at Sea View Coffee.

Sea View Coffee has the potential to be party central in Coloane, but not enough people know about it. They could definitely benefit from a better marketing team, more exposure on social media, more people reading this review, anything that can lift them out of the cruel dark cloak of anonymity. The food can be excellent and the venue quite special at night, perched up on the water eyeing lit up Hengqin in the distance. Best visited in groups, tell your friends about it and pass it around, hopefully visiting it the next time you’re in Macau. Together, we can lift Sea View Coffee out of the doldrums and into the promised land.

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