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Seek Your Choice proudly proclaims to provide “Casual Fine Dining”, featuring a chef that used to have something to do with Robuchon Au Dome.  Considering how Robuchon has been in the toilet for the past 10 years, that’s not something I’d personally want getting out, but maybe that’s just me.

Seek Your Choice Macau

Set in a grey nondescript office type building beside Nam Van Lake and the FIT building, Seek Your Choice is certainly casual enough, but fine dining it certainly is not, especially when it comes to their Ham and Melon ($118), Minestrone Soup ($46) and Roasted Spring Chicken ($188).

The Ham and Melon was doomed from the start, since you can’t pair melon with Parma Ham and live to tell about it.  Basically, when eaten together, you can’t taste anything but the melon.  And when eaten separately, you still can’t taste anything but the melon.

Seek Your Choice Macau ham and melon
Ham and Melon

The Minestrone Soup was like drinking ketchup, far too heavy on the tomato and a stone cold loser of a dish, just as embarrassing as it was pointless.

Seek Your Choice Macau minestrone soup
Minestrone Soup

The Spring Roasted Chicken was another disappointment, served without enough sides and far too greasy.  After eating half of it, I’d basically had enough and didn’t want to finish it.

Seek Your Choice Macau spring roasted chicken
Spring Roasted Chicken

On the flip side, the halibut with fresh seafood ($138) was very good, the cream of mushroom soup ($52) fantastic and the salmon with dill ($138) a fine appetizer.  If you go to Seek Your Choice, I’d recommend sticking to those dishes.

Seek Your Choice Macau halibut fresh seafood
Halibut Fresh Seafood
Seek Your Choice Macau cream of mushroom soup
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Seek Your Choice Macau salmon with dill
Salmon with Dill

The service staff deserves a word of mention too, but for all the wrong reasons.  They brought out each dish like it was a race to see how fast they could get us out of the restaurant.  Course followed course followed course, even when we weren’t finished with the last one.

Seek Your Choice Macau indoor seating

They even had the audacity to bring out the mains at separate times.  It’s bad enough to do that any time, but when there’s a bottle of wine on the table, it’s doubly indefensible.  Diners have three course meals for reasons and it’s not because they want to leave the restaurant in a half hour.  And Seek Your Choice is supposed to be fine dining???

Seek Your Choice Macau pay desk

Depending on what you order, I suppose you can have a very nice meal at Seek Our Choice.  Choose poorly however and your meal will go sideways fast.  For that reason, I’d recommend Seeking Your Choice elsewhere.

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