Solmar is a Macau institution, having been in operation since the early 1960’s.  I went there with my friend for lunch and everything we had was extremely good, and beyond expectation.

The Macau Sole ($108), in particular, was fantastic.  Most fish I’ve tried in Macau is either too salty and oily, but Solmar’s serving is fresh, light, and tasty – just the way all good fish should be.

Solmar Macau Macau Sole
Macau Sole

My friend’s African Chicken ($144) also hit the spot; the meat was very tender and the sauce not too spicy, making it the perfect complement.

Solmar Macau African Chicken
African Chicken

Compared to other restaurants, Solmar’s portion sizes are also very generous, especially the two big salads, which were both fresh and fine.

Solmar Macau vegetable salad
Vegetable Salad ($70)
Solmar Macau chicken salad
Chicken Salad ($100)

The start of our meal included a bit of a strange experience.  Not soon after we sat down, some 50 year old woman sitting at a nearby table began talking to herself (or was it to us?) in broken English, going on with: Does she your girlfriend, Are you marry her, Is you love her etc.

Solmar Macau front

Both of us ignored her while the staff did their part to get her out of there as soon as possible.  After about ten minutes they were successful and we were able to enjoy our meal in peace and quiet.  Indeed, the staff were very professional throughout; friendly, diligent and attentive, we never had to wait long for anything.

Solmar Macau wall tiles

One of the drawing cards of Solmar is its vintage decor.  With classic Macau style street lamps, old leather seats, and beautiful wall tiles, it’s Portuguese through and through.

Solmar Macau first floor

In fact, if this is exactly how the place looked in 1965, then I wouldn’t be surprised.

Solmar Macau bar

As for the prices, they’re right on par with other good Portuguese restaurants found on the street.  For one soup, two salads, and two mains, our bill only ran $522 MOP, which is obviously excellent value.  Solmar’s wine list featuring a good selection of Portuguese red, whites and ports should also not be missed.

If you’re looking for a taste of old Macau, then Solmar is the perfect place to try.  Highly recommended!

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