Tenmasa is one of two Japanese restaurants at Altira Macau, the one I’ve come to learn isn’t any good.

Tenmasa Macau

I tried their horribly overpriced Bento set lunch there in 2015 and trust me, don’t waste your time.

Tenmasa Macau interior

In fact, if Bento doesn’t translate into Sucker in Japanese then I’d be very surprised, because it’s way overpriced at $288 Mops.

Tenmasa Bento Lunch Menu

First of all, the set meal looked more like an appetizer platter for two, one that starts your meal, not finishes it.

Tenmasa Macau Bento set lunch

A weird collection of bits and pieces, most of it wasn’t any good, more to the standard of what you’d get in a morning buffet in some anonymous three star hotel somewhere.

Needing to eat more, I ordered four pieces of tempura: Eggplant ($50), 2 Green Pepper ($80) and Oyster Mushroom ($60).  For those unfamiliar with tempura, it’s fried batter mixed with a vegetable and it was the same story as the set meal.

Tenmasa Macau tempura

Exceptionally ordinary and severely missing a key component of good food – you know that thing called TASTE, I felt ripped off again, having wasted another $200 on that.

Tenmasa Macau ice cream

I ended things off with a scoop of Ice Cream ($85) just to try and salvage something from the experience.  Comfort food rocks, and I sure needed a lot of it at Tenmasa that day.

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