I’ve never bought the hype behind Terrazza so I was shocked when they were awarded a Michelin star in 2016.

Terrazza Macau

While the service and decor might both be worthy of Michelin distinction, the food is not, and I’d wager that their first year with a star will also be their last.  (I almost nailed that one!  They would lose their star in 2018.)

Terrazza Macau seating

I dined there in 2014 and sampled four dishes: Black Sicilian Olives ($168), Beef Carpaccio ($148), Lobster Bisque ($98) and Rack of Lamb ($278). The carpaccio, bisque and rack of lamb were all decent selections, but nothing I’d make a point of trying again. Inoffensive at worst, okay at best, I didn’t have a Wow moment with any of them.

Terrazza Macau beef carpaccio
Beef Carpaccio
Terrazza Macau rack of lamb
Rack of Lamb

The olives on the other hand were an outright fail.  For $168, I was expecting something much better than what I get for free at MacauSoul, but I completely misjudged that one.

Terrazza Macau black Sicilian olives
Black Sicilian Olives

As for Mu Yi she went with arugula salad ($178), pumpkin soup ($78) and chicken ($278) and pretty much drew the same conclusions that I did.

Terrazza Macau aragula salad
Aragula Salad
Terrazza Macau pumpkin soup
Pumpkin Soup
Terrazza Macau chicken

The food was well prepared, consistent, and pretty good for the most part, but not particularly noteworthy, and perhaps inferior to what’s served at Il Treato and Casa Don Alfonso, two places that have never had Michelin stars.

Terrazza Macau tables and napkins

All told our bill came out to $1485, quite a steep price to pay for what we’d both label an ordinary dining experience.  That doesn’t mean that Terrazza is a bad restaurant, just that it’s mostly overpriced is all.

A few months ago when I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton I gave Terrazza another try and ordered a couple of their pizzas through room service.  I went with the Piccante ($168) and Romagnola ($188) but didn’t enjoy either of them.

Terrazza Macau romagnola pizza
Romagnola Pizza

The Romagnola used a lot of balsamic vinegar which didn’t jive too well with the Parma Ham, while the Piccante was far too spicy for my liking and frankly nothing special either.  I actually think the Pizza Huts in Macau makes better pizzas.

Terrazza Macau piccante pizza
Piccante Pizza

Just another reason why Terrazza tops out at three stars, no matter how nice it might look!

Terrazza Macau chandelier

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