Urban Kitchen

It’s easy to write restaurant reviews when a place is so head and shoulders above its competitors that it’s in a league of its own.  That’s the case at the moment with Urban Kitchen right now, so much so that this is the only buffet you should be going to when in Macau.

Urban Kitchen Macau

The quality and selection are both top notch, and I honestly don’t see a weakness anywhere.

Urban Kitchen Macau seating

Look at it from this perspective.  Let’s say that a very good buffet, or maybe even an excellent buffet, would break down like this: 40% of what you had was excellent, 40% was good, and 20% you didn’t care too much for.

Urban Kitchen Macau meat station
Meat Station

At Urban Kitchen however, those ratios are closer to 75% excellent, 20% fine and 5% disappointing.  I’m not exaggerating, the food there is really that good.

Urban Kitchen Macau seafood section
Seafood Splendour
Urban Kitchen Macau crab station
Crab Station

The seafood selection is worth the price of admission alone, locked and loaded with a ton of sushi, sashimi, king prawns, crab legs, mussels, oysters and Norwegian salmon.

Urban Kitchen Macau seafood selection
More Seafood

Other standout selections include the grilled mandarin fish, slow cooked Angus roast beef, Peking duck, and wagyu beef.

Urban Kitchen Macau large fish
Big Fish

There’s also an impressive assortment of salad, cheese, cold cuts and desserts as well, meaning diners of all persuasions should find exactly what they’re looking for.

Urban Kitchen Macau salad station
Salad Station
Urban Kitchen Macau cold cuts
Cold Cuts

Urban Kitchen has elevated buffet dining and taken it to another level in Macau.  Now it’s up to their rivals and competitors to rise to the challenge.

Urban Kitchen vegetables
Urban Kitchen Macau cheese
Urban Kitchen Macau cakes
Urban Kitchen Macau dessert station
Dessert Station
Urban Kitchen Macau sweets
More Sweets

Current prices are as follows, not including the 10% service charge.

Remember to use your Galaxy card when it’s time to pay the bill, in order to score a discount.

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