Xiao Sheng Xuan Japanese Ramen

(Last updated: June 8, 2024)

This is the first installment in my “Elaine Series”, which reviews 9 Taipa restaurants recommended by born and bred local resident, Elaine. A certified foodie in her early 20’s, she has the Taipa dining scene cased, and it’s my hope that we uncover a few hidden gems together here, that only Macau people know about. First up? Japanese ramen in Taipa Village.

Japanese ramen is definitely becoming more popular in Macau, particularly in the big casino properties on the Cotai Strip. Each one seems to be selling it in some way, although it’s not something I’ve ever eaten before. Truth be told, I don’t even know what ramen is exactly, other than some kind of noodle.

Xiao Sheng Xuan entrance and door

An internet search indicates that I am indeed correct, and that all ramen is composed of 3 things: broth, noodles, and toppings. Essentially making it soup for the seriously uninformed, that’s exactly what I had at Xiao Sheng Xuan.

Spicy Pork Broth Ramen at Xiao Sheng Xuan
Spicy Pork Broth Ramen

Don’t ask me what half the stuff is in that bowl because I legit have no idea. Maybe we’re looking at what Elon is going to eventually grow on Mars one day, because I sure hadn’t seen any of it before. I mixed it up the best I could but didn’t think the noodles nor the vegetables (if that’s indeed what they were) made much of a pleasing combo, with the spice adding next to nothing as well. Elaine harshly rebuked me the day later for getting the spicy version, but I doubt it would have mattered much either way.

Spicy Dumplings at Xiao Sheng Xuan
Spicy Dumplings

On top of the SpicyP ork Broth Ramen ($64), I also ordered Spicy Dumplings ($30), which kept the pain train right on track.  Putting forth no taste other than “hot”, I could have poured some tabasco on the tongue directly, then topped it off with a palmful of wasabi, and achieved the same effect.  No thank you, Xiao Sheng Xuan, and never again.

Xiao Sheng Xuan wasn’t hurting for business the evening I was there, with quite a few tables full and more than a few people looking properly pleased.

Xiao Sheng Xuan indoor tables and chairs

It just wasn’t my cup of tea, glass of juice, bottle of water, and I usually swoon, swoon, swoon over a good bowl of soup. Comfort food at it’s finest, I was decidedly uncomfortable at Xiao Sheng Xuan, so much so that I will never return. Pricey too for what you get, much better ramen must be surely made at several other places in Macau.

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