Zi Yat Heen

Zi Yat Heen is a one star Michelin eatery in the Four Seasons hotel.  Serving Cantonese food, the prices are very reasonable, with birds nest, sharks fin and abalone $180 to $780, while main meat and barbecue dishes are $80 to $280.  Chicken ($140 to $460) and seafood ($180 to $680) are some of their more pricier selections while more common rice, noodles, and vegetables are an economic $80 to $250.

There are two set meals at night, one for $1288 and another for $2088.  Mu Yi and I tried the one for $1288 and you can read the rest of this review here: Zi Yat Heen.

You won’t be disappointed by the food or service at Zi Yat Heen.  Both are top notch as is the restaurant setting and decor.  It would not surprise me if they regain their second Michelin star very soon.

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