Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge

During my visit I stayed on the Club Floor which gave me free access to the Club Lounge on the 53rd floor.

Ritz-Carlton Macau Club Lounge salad buffet
Salad Buffet

The Club Lounge prepares five different dining presentations throughout the day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, light dinner and desserts.

Ritz-Carlton Macau Club Lounge buffet cheese station
Cheese Station

Even though the last sitting is called “Desserts”, the main reason to go is for the free flow wine and spirits instead.

Ritz-Carlton Macau Club Lounge buffet dessert section
Dessert Section

Access to the Club Lounge is about $800 to $1000 more per night so I don’t know if it makes sense for solo travelers, or even couples.  The food served there is good, but limited, and also repeats itself throughout the day.  Chefs only prepare two types of main dishes, usually one meat and one fish, while the buffet selection is very standard, featuring salads, bread, cheese, nuts, cold cuts, fruit and some desserts.

Ritz-Carlton Macau Club Lounge cold cuts and vegetables
Cold Cuts and Vegetables

All in all, it isn’t bad, but not something that visitors should make a point of having to experience.  I think people are better off paying the extra money and trying Lai Heen or the Ritz Carlton Cafe instead.  The Cafe, in particular, has some good value for money set meals on weeknights and an amazing buffet on Sunday afternoon that shouldn’t be missed.

Ritz-Carlton Macau Club Lounge lunch presentation
Lunch Presentation
Ritz-Carlton Macau Club Lounge lunch salad
Lunch Salad

The service in the Club Lounge though was spectacular and I’d like to thank Urica, Melanie and Josephine for making me feel so welcome there.  

Ritz-Carlton Macau Club Lounge dinner presentation
Evening Dinner Presentation
Ritz-Carlton Macau Club Lounge Dinner presentation
Evening Dinner Presentation

The Ritz-Carlton Spa is the last main perk for Ritz-Carlton guests.  Unlike 95% of other hotels in town, Ritz guests can enter the spa for free and use the facilities, which consist of a hot tub, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.  I visited the spa numerous times during my stay and never had anyone else in there with me, which is just how I like it. 

Compared to other spas in town that guests can use for free (including Morpheus, Sands Macao, Grand Lapa and Four Seasons), the one at the Ritz is definitely the largest and most swank. 

As for swimming facilities, all guests are free to use the amazing Grand Resort Deck, which is Macau’s largest and best outdoor pool.  If you want more privacy, the Ritz also has its own smaller outdoor pool as well, which is a lot more low key and secluded.

Ritz-Carlton Macau outdoor pool
Outdoor Pool

Now that I’ve heaped all of this praise on the Ritz, let me tell you the bad news.  When you stay at this kind of hotel, you really need to stay in it to enjoy the maximum benefit.  The room is so nice that you’ll never want to leave it, and for the price you pay ($3550 plus MOP), you probably shouldn’t. 

For first time visitors to Macau or for those who want to get out during the day and sightsee, I’m not sure you need a hotel so nice, if you’re not going to be in it. 

Ritz-Carlton Macau Reading Room
Reading Room

Still though, no other hotel in Macau provides the same level of interaction, concern or care that I experienced at the Ritz.  They go out of their way there to make guests feel like they’re the most important person in the world. 

A week after I checked out I asked myself, why is no one being nice to me today?  Well, the answer was simple, I wasn’t at the Ritz!  The staff at the Club Lounge in particular were amazing and I can’t wait until my next stay to go and visit them again.

Ritz-Carlton Macau rest area

The inescapable conclusion?  You only live once my friends.  So you might as well live here.

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