Texas Hold ‘Em in Macau

In 2019, gross revenue for Texas Hold ‘Em was 446 million Patacas, which made it the 10th most profitable casino game, in front of Three Card Baccarat but behind Fan Tan. 

In other words, it’s not a big cash cow for casinos which is probably why it’s disappearing so fast, with only 3 casinos currently offering it as of 2020: Wynn Macau, Venetian and Macau Roosevelt.

Word to the wise: never bother going to Macau Roosevelt because they never have any players.  It’s so bad that I’d say it’s a front for money laundering operations, except that no one is ever there.

All three casinos only offer cash games, with blinds that start from $25/$50 and go all the way up to $1000/$2000, although those limits can be exceeded if everyone at the table agrees. 

Depending on the time of day, the Wynn Macau and Venetian rooms can get fairly busy, so be prepared to wait awhile for spots to open, which could take up to a couple of hours.    

Texas Hold Em in Macau

Texas Hold Em in Macau: What to Watch Out For

Regarding poker tournaments, the City of Dreams used to own the monopoly on daily tournaments and major regional tournaments alike, thanks to their alliance with Poker Stars Macau.  It didn’t prove very profitable however, which led them to pull the plug on that partnership in 2018, simultaneously killing all tournament play in town.  Once Poker Stars finds a new venue, then it should all come back, something that I doubt happens before the end of 2020.  For the latest news, you can always keep track on the Poker Stars Macau website.

The Wynn is said to have the nicest poker room and the most experienced players, while the rake at the Venetian is the highest at 5 percent.  Chinese poker players online have the reputation of being extremely tight, and the same is true of the action in Macau.  Money is not being haphazardly thrown around the table by misguided Baccarat whales the way it was a decade ago, so you’ll have to grind quite a bit and have Lady Luck on your side to make any kind of significant profit.  

If Omaha Poker is your game instead, it’s available at both the Wynn and Venetian as well.

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