Three Card Poker in Macau

(Last updated: February 6, 2024)

3 Card Poker is the 5th highest earning casino game in Macau, accounting for exactly 0.5% of gross gaming revenue in 2023.  Easy to find in the Western owned casinos, and especially on the Cotai Strip, the standard minimum city wide is $300.  

Three Card Poker in Macau: What to Watch Out For

The Pair Plus bet.  Yep, this one’s no good, even though almost everyone at the table wagers on it.  You might get some funny looks and strange comments from other players if you don’t, but staying away from its 6.75% house edge is the right thing to do.  Let the blind lead the blind; eyesight is a wonderful thing.

Three Card Poker in Macau

Three Card in Poker in Macau: Advice and Strategy

With an element of risk of 2.01%, Three Card Poker may not be a good game overall, but I usually have fun playing it.  The only decision you need to make is whether to raise or fold, with the cut off point Q-6-4.  Anything higher than that, raise, otherwise fold. 

For example, K-3-2 and Q-7-2 both raise while Q-6-3 and J-10-7 fold.

Three Card Poker is a well known advantage play should you find a dealer hole carding, but that opportunity doesn’t exist in Macau.  No dealer turns anything over until every player has decided whether to raise or fold.

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