VIP Comps

Most casinos in Macau cater to VIP whales by offering free hotel rooms, F&B, ferry tickets and other comps, based on the size of their initial buy-ins.  Hotel rooms generally start at $40,000 while it only takes $1,000 for smaller food rewards.

For less affluent gamblers, you can always score comps through daily point accumulation, and I’ve included that information at the end.

Free Hotel Rooms

All dollar figures are in the currency of choice in Macau casinos, Hong Kong Dollars.

F&B, Transportation and Other Rewards

Daily Point Accumulations

Finally, here’s some daily point accumulation information that you might find useful when frequenting Macau’s major casino operators. 


Grand Lisboa

Melco Entertainment


Sands Resorts

There’s no info for Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace because I’m through with being insulted by the Wynn Club staff. Every time I went to that desk I was treated like yesterday’s trash for having the nerve to inquire about their various casino promotions.

Go suck an egg, Wynn!

Now why not try a fun Gambling Quiz?  

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How do you go about getting a free room? Say I buy in at Grand Dragon for HK$30,000; then what? Do I need to turn over HK$30,000?


Hi Maven,
Greatly appreciate if you can update the latest buy-in for hotels in Macau.
looking forward for the trip there.